Meet Dave

Dave knows a lot when it comes to working with and inspiring youth. He is known as a CHAMPION for encouraging today’s youth to become our LEADERS of tomorrow.

Coaching, mentoring, teaching and encouraging teens and young adults has been a passion of Dave’s since he was in his late teens. He believes very strongly that it is society’s role to provide youth with an understanding of what leadership is and how to become effective leaders and then to equip them with the tools, encouragement and support they need to discover and build their own leadership skills. This is the essence of his book Leading the Way.

Inspired by the hundreds of young people he has worked with and learned from for well over 40 years, he wrote the book Leading the Way – a step by step guide to discovering and building your leadership skills.Written specifically for teens and young adults (but meaningful for all who have read it) the book includes 33 aspects of leadership from defining leadership through to developing a personal mission statement. The book is well formatted, easy to read and includes stories of young people who have made a difference in their lives, their communities or the world as young leaders. It also contains lots of graphics, pictures and quotes.

Also available with the book is a companion Action Guide which is available in a downloadable word format. It features a page or two for each of the 27 Action Steps in the book that challenge the reader to explore how they fit within the different aspects of leadership (a great resource for teachers or others teaching leadership skills). Specific pages or the entire guide can be printed to supplement leadership skills taught. The guide also features 19 bonus Action Steps.

Here is what Dave says about why he wrote this book:

“An ongoing passion of mine, since I was in my 20’s was the desire to reach as many young people as I can and provide them with the basic fundamentals that will benefit them as leaders immediately and in the future. With that as my goal and in line with the following excerpt from my mission statement – Leading the Way was written.

My purpose is to share with young people what I have learned and experienced in my life with a focus on leadership and what it takes to be an effective leader. I will do this by mentoring when requested, developing and presenting leadership programs and writing a book on the subject.

I believe that to be an effective and successful leader you need to understand who you are, what your values/beliefs and your strengths/weaknesses are. Then you need to determine where you are going in your life and how you will get there. It is a life time study. There is no better time than now to begin this journey.

I encourage parents, teachers, mentors or anyone that works with youth to obtain a copy of this book and the action guide and spend the time working through it with the young people they work with or are associated with.”

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Dave is an accomplished speaker/presenter with over 40 years’ experience in senior leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. Click here to view Dave’s LinkedIn profile.